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About Hadrians Union

Hadrian’s Union are a British Contemporary Folk Rock band formed in the debateable lands of England and Scotland. Hadrian's Union has had several line ups since the bands conception in 2010 with the founding member Stew Simpson still at the front and centre of the band. Hadrian’s Union (Also known as HU) have released three albums. There first self-penned and published album Trapped in time got them signed to Fellside Records which in turn saw them release ‘In your own time’  and then expand the line up  from a folk duo to a five piece folk-rock band.

In 2017 they decided to put a little more emphasis on a rockier sound but still very much with its feet firmly in the tradition of British folk music. ‘Aural Borderalis’ (HU’s 3rd and most recent album) is produced by Saul Rose (Faustus, Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band) and is an ecclectic mix of music inspired by the various influences brought to the Union by the members of the band.

The New Band

The new line up of Hadrian’s Union sees the band take yet another creative turn. Having released three albums with the focus being on the folk side of the HU sound, HU are now looking into exploring the rockier side of the bands founding and most recent members.

The New HU sound is brought to you by Robin Jowett (Melodeon and Keys), Saul Rose ( Drums), Mat Mellor (Lead Guitar), Greg Jenkinson (Bass) and Stew Simpson (Guitar and Vocals).


Travelin' the UK

HU Tour as often as possible in various parts of the UK with the intention of branching out into Europe and further afield.

Buy Our Music

Most of our music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music and more. Just search 'Hadrian’s Union'.

If you would like to buy from HU directly and support their music, please visit the shop page. They also have Hadrian’s Union T-Shirts available in many sizes.

What happens now?

Robin, Saul, Mat, Greg and Stew are currently writing and rehearsing brand new material for their next release and they look forward to trying out the new songs on audiences at a gigs and festivals over the next few months before going back into the studio to record the next album later in 2020. Look out for possible promo videos and perhaps a Live EP to showcase the new line up and exciting new sound of HU.

‘Sometimes it takes 10 years to get that 1 year that will change yourlife’ – Notsalmon.com

See Official Music Videos on YouTube

HU know you like to watch things too, that's why they've created several music videos to go with their songs. They also have several live performances for you to watch.